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woman charging her ev

How To Harness EV Charging Station Marketing Opportunities and Make More Money For Your Business

Great new ways to utilize electric vehicle charging stations as a marketing tool to advertise…
EV charger installation

How To Guarantee The Best User Experience With Your EV Charger Installation

EV Charger Installation 101 - Learn how to guarantee the best user experience at your…
What does charging rapidly mean?

What Does Charging Rapidly Mean and Why It Matters

Learn how Level 3 DC fast charging stations give EVs their fastest charge and why…
EV on dirt road

Bridging The Gaps – How Vehicle Electrification Can Benefit Rural Communities

Rural communities may benefit from the boom in vehicle electrification in a number of ways.
Hotels With EV Charging

How to Find Hotels with EV Charging

Planning a road trip? Ease your range anxiety with some helpful tips to find hotels…
Man holding ev charger

How To Evaluate EV Charging Station Contractors

Learn what services EV charging station contractors provide and how to choose the right one…
Why More Car Buyers Are Choosing Electric In 2023

Local EV Charging Stations to Benefit from Influx of New EV Drivers in 2023

Why vehicle makers are switching to electric and how your business can benefit by providing…
Charging Stations

Should Your Business Host an EV Charging Station? Yes, and Here’s Why…

Our top 5 reasons to host an EV charging station at your business.
Close up of hand plugging charger into car

Level Up: The Time to Add a Level 2 EV Charging Station to Your Business is Now!

Thinking of adding an EV Charging Station to your place of business? Find out why…
States with the best infrastructure

These are the Top 5 States with the Best Infrastructure for EV Charging (So Far…)

Thinking of installing an electric vehicle charger for your business? Here are the top 5…
Business man charging car

How to Pay for an EV Charging Station for Your Business

EV charging stations are going to be coming to your neighborhood—in large numbers. And smart…
Level 3 EV Charging Station

Types of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

There are several different types of charging stations—and even more brands to choose from. So…
How Much Does It Cost to Install a Commercial EV Charging Station

Commercial Businesses Are the Best Locations for Charging Stations – The Big Question Is, How Much Does It Cost?

As the US updates its infrastructure to support the transition to electric vehicles, there has…

HiON EV Build Division Receives $1.1 Million in Grant Funds from the State of Massachusetts

On May 16, 2022, HiON’s Build division was awarded $1,191,360 for the construction of a…
Who do you call when you want to install an EV charging station?

Who Do You Call When You Want to Install an EV Charging Station?

If you have the available space, HiOn EV can install a complete EV charging station…