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HiON Public Electric Vehicle Universal Fast Charging – Station Implementation and Network Management

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A New Charging Experience

HiON Fast Charging Takes Just Minutes Then You're Back on the Road.

As an electric vehicle owner, you’ll love HiON charging stations. They are fast, reliable and conveniently located in well-lit, high traffic areas with nearby amenities including bathrooms, convenience stores, coffee shops, restaurants and retail businesses.

HiON Customers Benefit From:

  • App-Supported Payment Options
  • Safe, Reliable, Enjoyable Charging
  • Easy Off-Highway Access Surrounded by Existing Amenities
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HiON Location Partners Say Hello to

New, Repeat Customers

HiON Provides EV Charging Stations to Businesses Nationwide.

  • Requires No/Low Capex From Business or Property Owner
  • HiON Installs & Maintains Stations at Zero Cost to Business or Property Owner
  • HiON Takes Care of All Permitting, Construction and Commissioning

HiON is the Perfect EV Charging Station Partner for:

  • Theaters
  • Casinos
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Retail Establishments
  • Hotels
  • Franchise Business Owners

Find out more about our process

How We Do It

Why Host a HiON EV Charging Station?

  • EV charge customers spend an average of 15-45 minutes at charge stations – time that could be spent at your business.
  • As the transition to EV gets underway, HiON implementation provides a zero- to low-cost option for retaining consumer share throughout the change.
  • As the business or property owner, you are free from the hassle of building, commissioning, servicing, or maintaining the charging stations.

Do you have three parking slots or more for EV charging? If so, fill out the form to get more information about hosting a HiON charging station at your location:

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HiON Investors Say Hello to

A Ground-Floor Opportunity

Businesses want charging stations at their locations, but dealing with the hassle, red tape and expense of implementation is a serious barrier to entry. HiON has established relationships with contractor partners and utility and transmission services, and we have deep experience with local-level government regulations and permitting structures. We’re addressing the needs of businesses large and small by putting our expertise to work developing an EV charging network that is low- to zero- cost for property owners.

If You’d Like More Information on Investment Opportunities, Contact Us Using This Form.






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To Industry Expertise

HiON was founded and is led by design and construction professionals with infrastructure experience going back more than thirty years. Successful EV project implementation begins with a deep understanding of the charging ecosystem, and that’s why the HiON leadership team is comprised of experts in all facets of EV charging construction. From site planning to commissioning to maintenance and marketing, our program design is comprehensive, thoughtful, and thoroughly tested in real-world applications.

More About Us

say hello to universal fast charging 

say hello to universal fast charging 

say hello to universal fast charging 

say hello to universal fast charging 

say hello to universal fast charging 

say hello to universal fast charging 

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