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Electric vehicles provide an exciting and green alternative to traditional gas-powered cars, but being somewhat of a new phenomenon for car drivers, there are still some lingering deterrents holding back mass EV adoption. Many drivers are hesitant to switch because they worry EV’s are not supported by the same convenience and reliability of fueling that gas powered vehicles enjoy. 

A user-friendly and reliable charging experience can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Businesses who offer convenient, and dependable EV charging stations may potentially attract a wealth of customers by addressing these concerns. Further, by providing a safe, comfortable experience, businesses can also reap the long-term benefit of customer loyalty. Let’s explore some possible areas of concern when charging EVs and how they can be addressed in order to improve the overall EV charging experience and make sure charging at your business stands out from the competition. 

The Simple Answer: More Is More with EV Charger Installations

The best way to improve the EV driver experience is simply to have more charging stations available. According to experts at the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit in Abu Dhabi, range anxiety is still one of the top concerns for current and prospective EV drivers. EV drivers need to be confident that they will be able to find a working charging station while they’re out, and this can’t be achieved without adding significantly more EVSE to the existing infrastructure.

The United States is in its early stages of a massive EV infrastructure rollout plan thanks to efforts like the Biden-Harris Administration’s NEVI program, which offers state funding for charging stations along interstate highways. Billions have been allocated from this program and rollout plans from all 50 states have been approved. 

In the meantime, the number of available charging stations remains an issue. An op-ed piece in the LA times from earlier this year conveys that even in a state like California, which leads the nation in available EVSE, simply finding a charging station can be difficult. Adding more stations will make finding them easier and is absolutely necessary to improving the overall user experience.

Install Your Charging Station Somewhere It Can Be Found Easily

Mall charging station

Consider Physical Location

More stations might be an obvious first step, but the second step might be somewhat of a no-brainer as well. When planning to implement EVSE on your business property, the location of your EV charging stations is very important to consider. Ideally, you want high visibility for your EVSE so drivers can spot them and remember your business and property as an optional location for EV charging. Easy to spot charging stations may also provide an added feeling of security, since charging in well lit and visible areas seems safer than charging in a more tucked away part of the property.

Install Signage & Lighting

If an easy to spot location isn’t available in your parking area, some added signage or markers to draw attention to your charging stations could be a smart move. Making your charging stations easy to find with directions through the parking lot or business entrance could be helpful, and could possibly make the difference between a customer stopping at your business to charge or getting frustrated and driving off, never to return. If tucked away, it’s a good idea to include ample lighting and security features such as a guard or security camera to  help make the charging experience more comfortable for drivers.

Lady charging car and looking at phone
Starbucks Charging Station

Make Your Charging Stations Findable Online

Many EV automakers have apps that offer a searchable network for EV charging stations. Apps like Apple and Google Maps also have functions for users to find available charging stations. Make sure your charging stations are showing up on these networks. The US Department of Energy also has a database on its website with the option to submit new stations to the network, so be sure to add your business’s EVSE there as well.

Consistent Upkeep

Another common complaint from EV drivers is that charging stations are often not maintained very well. It isn’t rare for an EV driver to pull up to a charging station only to find that it is broken or out of service. One way to simplify service and maintenance is to partner with an EV charging station implementation and management company. Companies like HiON EV, install and maintain EV charging stations at zero cost to the business or property owner. This type of collaboration provides businesses with an easy, worry-free option for providing  reliable, functioning EV charging equipment to their customers.

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