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With So Many Incentives Currently Available, It’s Less Than You Might Think.

As the US updates its infrastructure to support the transition to electric vehicles, there has been a proliferation of funding made available for the implementation of commercial EV charging stations. Currently, money in the form of grants and rebates is offered through utilities, state programs and national initiatives, and this funding has the potential to cover nearly all upfront costs for both the hardware and installation of charging stations, depending on location.

As time goes on, EV charging stations will likely be available (and expected) at most public parking lots, and after the initial push to mainstream EV technology has expired, the funding will inevitably dry up. Because of this, the time really is now to implement EV charging, particularly in the public domain, because fast chargers cost a great deal more than home chargers. According to a study by the International Council on Clean Transportation, the total installed cost of a DC fast charger can be anywhere from $28,000 to $140,000.

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So, You’re Saying Private Business is Now Responsible for Shouldering the Burden of Building and Maintaining the Nation’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure?

As you read this you may be thinking, “wait a minute…it sounds like you are saying private commercial businesses are on the hook to retrofit their parking lots and their own electrical infrastructure to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars or risk a drop in future business?” And even if most of the upfront cost is covered by incentives, if you’re a small business, you may be wondering if the income associated with providing EV charging is enough to offset the ongoing station maintenance. Who is going to fix the chargers if they break? What if they get damaged by vandals? Who is going to pay for upgrades if and when technology inevitably evolves?

Ultimately, whoever is the owner/operator of charging station infrastructure is responsible for the costs associated with upkeep. For smaller businesses, the math doesn’t look great. That’s why businesses like HiON EV exist.

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HiON EV – Building & Maintaining EV Chargers so You Don’t Have to

Profiting off EV charging stations is a numbers game, which means if you are a small business with ten or fewer EV chargers, it will take quite a while to gain any measurable return on investment, and you will be on the hook to manage any upgrades and repairs in the future. Because of this, even with all of the funding currently available, the pain factor associated with managing EV charging stations over time may outweigh the benefits (by quite a bit).

HiON EV was founded to alleviate that pain. As a charging station implementation partner, we take on the burden of building and managing a HiON EV ChargePort with little to no upfront capital expenditures, and we’re responsible for all maintenance and upkeep in the future. We are committed to keeping HiON EV ChargePort environments safe and clean and our chargers functional and reliable.

When you partner with HiON EV, you get the benefit of modernizing your parking lots and providing added value for your customers without the cost and long-term maintenance required of an owner/operator. You’ll be working with experts in the industry, who take care of everything from permits to commissioning to daily operations.

You provide the parking spaces – we do everything else. It’s that simple.

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